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POSTED BY admin September 7, 2019 in General
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At Team Eternal, we are all about the community. You are what makes the community we develop a reality and worth working on! It especially excites us to discover and be able to share content you develop for Esport games. A smile is brought to our face by every piece of content coming out from our community! 

We have seen some great questions on what type of content we can share. Content can range from a unique screenshot in a game,a useful gameplay guide, an event that’s coming up, and of course instructive livestreams and other videos.

Some content we cannot share: This content ranges from the obvious, such as political commentary and abusive language or hate speech, to the simple matter of how that content is presented. The higher the quality and care in crafting your content, the greater the chances it will be shared!

There are a few ways that we share community content that may be of interest to you.

Usually we will discover content simply by running across it when we check social media pages. Use @TeamEternal, and @TeamEternal_BR on Twitter when you want us to see your posts. You can also share more with the rest of the community by using the hashtag #TeamEternal, we check that too! Keep in mind it’s quite possible some of your content will go unnoticed, as things will go past our eyes.

Direct Contact:

This is where a more direct approach helps in ensuring we see your content you wish us to share. If you’ve got the best screenshot or a video, please send it to us by emailing myself at: Auberon@teameternal.net, or PM us on one of our social media channels. 

If your content isn’t shared, don’t worry, we may just not have seen it yet, or we will get to posting it at a better time. It’s also possible that some element in the content caused us to not be able to post it. Even the timing of fitting it into our daily news schedule can matter.

Official Team Eternal Organization Competitive Teams:

There are the outlets that regularly put out content. You can probably name one off the top of your head, as there are so many great community competitive streaming teams out there! Some of these teams are part of Team Eternal’s official Organization programs. The way teams are included (or removed) from the program is a combined review of the quality and frequency of their content, history in the community, and a variety of other factors.

Applications are currently open for more competitive teams to join us, just PM one of the official social media channels! When applying, please include:

1.): Ages of your team members

2.): What Region you play in

3.): Tell us more about your team

4.): Social media handles of your team members

5.): What’s your favorite gaming food :D.

Thanks community, for reading and look for more updates and posts of what’s happening/changing within our community!

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